Turnkey’s peer-to-peer programs spur nonprofit volunteers to action by shaping their values and motivations with recognition. The result: higher participation, increased retention, and greater results – measured in your bottom line.

Turn human behavior into fundraising action. Turnkey uses recognition to drive revenue for your organization. Our three programs use behaviorally triggered emails and recognition items that engage your supporters with the right message, delivered at the right time.


Individual Recognition

Email and social media are the primary methods of reaching today’s volunteers. Our Individual Recognition Program is a unique digital communications strategy rooted in behavioral science that drives your volunteers to open the message and take action.


Early Registration

Early registrants raise more. Our Early Registration Program pushes people to sign up, start raising, and set goals. When goals are achieved, the fundraiser is recognized with a branded item that symbolizes their success.


Team Captain

Team captains are the most valuable group participants, raising approximately five times more than others. Turnkey’s Team Captain Program pushes captains to register and set team fundraising goals in the weeks and months leading up to an event.

Access a sophisticated team of nonprofit fundraising advisors. We understand your goals and challenges – because we’ve been there. Our team includes former CDOs who have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations like yours. We put that experience to work to help you strategize, troubleshoot, execute, and successfully mobilize volunteers and fundraisers.



Are the investments in your fundraising activities paying off? Our deep analytics will provide you with a diagnosis of your program’s strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how your programs can deliver a greater ROI.



Turnkey’s unique recognition approach to peer-to-peer fundraising has led to measurable results for our nonprofit clients compared to the national average.

Average fundraising ($)

Fundraisers for walk events managed by Turnkey raise 41% more than average walk participants nationwide.

$0 fundraisers (%)

The percentage of zero-dollar fundraisers in Turnkey walk programs is around half that of most walks. 


Average ROI (%)

The average ROI of a walk program managed by Turnkey is nearly 910%.


We needed to increase fundraising and activation for the Great Strides CF Walk Series. We chose Turnkey to help us because of their track record of both creating and implementing smart strategic campaigns from start to end. Our other alternatives only provided analysis and strategic suggestions.
— Maureen Fraser, VP of Field Management, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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