Turnkey Talks: The Psychology of the Volunteer

The psychology of the volunteer fundraiser can help you if you understand it. It can hurt you if you don’t. Unfortunately many nonprofits trip up and fall into market relationships without really internalizing what that means, and it means a lot.

Join Katrina VanHuss, CEO Turnkey, and Otis Fulton, Turnkey Psychologist, as they speak with Amy Braiterman, Principal Strategy Consultant at Blackbaud, about focusing on social relationships and keeping away from creating market relationships.

This webinar will help you:

  • Gain insights into the mindset and tendencies of the volunteer fundraiser

  • Learn how to position the online fundraising tool you already own to the greatest advantage

  • Understand the counter-intuitive results you might get

  • Get tips on how to install affinity in your fundraisers

  • Plan how to move even zero dollar fundraisers into action using these principles