July Turnkey Talks: Why Your Boss Ignores Your Data

Check out our latest Turnkey Talks - Why Your Boss Ignores Your Data. Katrina, Otis and Vickie talk with Andrew Means from Data Analysts for Social Good about why compelling data is often ignored. Our newest senior strategist Vickie LoBello will be relating her 20+ years of peer to peer fundraising senior leadership with American Cancer Society and St. Baldricks to the problem of loss aversion by your boss, along with our psychological consultant Otis Fulton and Katrina VanHuss our CEO.

You interviewed stakeholders, defined important metrics, did the work, then visualized the data for leadership.

The picture you painted was clear. But leadership, after “ohhhing” and “ahhhing” over your presentation, did nothing.


In this session you’ll learn why. Some takeaways:

  • How do currently held beliefs impact data uptake and understanding

  • How do people receive and sort new information?

  • How do people classify information as true or false, or ignore it completely?

  • How can you fix 1-3?