Turnkey Talks: How intrinsic motivation increases revenue

Join us as Katrina VanHuss, CEO at Turnkey and Nicole Dolan, Director of Out of the Darkness Walks for AFSP discuss insights to why participants raise more money for a cause when they are intrinsically motivated to reach their goal.

(Due to a technical glitch, the video starts about 1 minute into the webinar. We apologize, but know you'll love the great content presented.)

During the P2P Professional Forum Conference it was announced that the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) experienced over a 30% increase in fundraising income in 2014.

With so many nonprofit organizations facing declines in their event participation and fundraising revenue, how did AFSP do it?

In less than an hour you’ll come away with: • Lessons from AFSP’s success • How to go beyond segmenting in your e-communications to increase your fundraising income • Techniques to increase fundraiser alignment with your organization