The Holy Grail of P2P Fundraising - Acquisition


Acquisition is hard. Our organizational structures, built a long time ago, seem to ensure that we keep fishing for new constituents in the wrong ponds with the wrong bait. Our constituents should drive where, when and how we talk to them. But instead, we drive where, when and how we communicate.

In this session (which includes a BIG lineup!) we’ll discuss some cutting edge acquisition techniques, and have a strategist in the conversation to help you understand why they work and how to position them.

This is an audience participation event; come armed with questions and ideas for discussion and brainstorming with our Session Panel:

Megan Rouse - Strategist, Turnkey
Amin Tehrani - Founder, Revunami
Jeremy Berman - Founder, GoodUnited
Eric Okimotio - COO, boodleAI
Don Moro - Business Development Manager, CommonThread
Katrina VanHuss – CEO Turnkey, Moderator