Email is dead. Now what?


May 29, 2019 @ 2pm EST

Find out how two seasoned professionals reacted to sudden changes in the email landscape.

Mike Elliot joined the Humane Society of the USA as Senior Manager of Email Marketing, only to find out on his first day on the job that his organization had been blacklisted. Hear what he did about that, what’s happening now, and how long it took him to find his desk that first day.

Suzanne Graney was excited to go to work for the storied Penn State THON as the Executive Director of the Four Diamonds Foundation. No one told her that students just don’t use email. Find out how she kept THON on track and top of students minds.

Suzanne and Mike’s experiences are harbingers of pain for the rest of us, as email deliverability declines nationally, and constituents turn to other forms of communication. You’ll take away legit, not-theory-but-real-life things that worked and are working in response to the new world order in regard to email.