Turnkey Talks: How to succeed when your mission connected audience is tiny

Your mission-connected audience is tiny. Can you still grow your walk program? Absolutely. Find out how from Hydrocephalus Association National Director of Special Events Randi Corey.

There were many excellent questions asked and answered during the webinar as well - so this is one you definitely want to watch!

Randi is a veteran of much larger nonprofits which target much more pervasive conditions. Having served at March of Dimes and JDRF, both with much larger affected populations, Randi also served Cystic Fibrosis and now Hydrocephalus Association. She’s been on both sides of this fence.

In 60 minutes you’ll come away with insights on: 1. How to grow your mission-connected audience 2. How to supercharge their fundraising 3. How to keep them coming back, year after year