Project Manager

Kate Bullard

You know those great people in history, you look back and wonder if they were always meant to be successful. Like Simba, Catherine the Great, and Rocky. That is Kate Bullard. Always of the competitive spirit, Kate grew up playing travel sports in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Coming from a military family, Kate's parents taught a wonderfully nuanced blend of hard work, detail-oriented conversation, and fierce loyalty to one's cause. This upbringing, and Kate's never-ending drive of excellence has led to her being Turnkey's first specialized Project Manager. As a project manager, she is able to pursue her passion in root cause analytics, process development and workflow troubleshooting, all while building customer relationships and ensuring the customer receives what is promised.  

Her passions outside of work include CrossFit, dog petting, and hanging out with family and friends.

John Broyer

Johnathan began his professional journey as a Soldier in the US Army.  However, later in life he realized he had a natural ability to troubleshoot computer hardware and software.This led to him working for companies such as Hewlett Packard and then Apple before joining the team at Turnkey.

An "out of the box" problem-solving approach coupled with his curiosity to truly understand the root cause behind issues has helped him gain success throughout his career. Johnathan continues to use the skills he has developed from his experiences with each interaction and job he works on to continue his path toward success with Turnkey.