Katrina has been developing successful fundraiser recognition programs for organizations like the American Lung Association, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Special Olympics, and the Alzheimer’s Association since 1989, when she founded Turnkey. Her client’s successes and her dedication to research have made her a sought-after speaker, presenting at national conferences for Blackbaud, Peer to Peer Professional Forum, Nonprofit Pro P2P and her clients’ national meetings, to name a few. Katrina also regularly shares her wit and business experiences on NonProfit PRO as a blogger on “Peeling the Onion.” When not writing or researching, Katrina likes to make things – furniture from reclaimed wood, new gardens, food with no recipe. Katrina’s favorite Saturday is spent cleaning out the garage, mowing the grass, making something new, all while listening to loud music by now-deceased black women, throwing in a few sets on the weight bench off and on, then collapsing on the couch with her husband Otis to gang-watch new Netflix series whilst drinking sauvignon blanc. Katrina grew up on a Virginia beef cattle and tobacco farm with her three brothers. She is accordingly skilled in hand to hand combat and witty repartee – skills gained at the expense of her brothers. Katrina’s claim to fame is having made it to the “American Gladiator” Richmond competition as a finalist in her late 20’s, progressing in the competition until a strangely large blonde woman knocked her off a pedestal with an oversized pain-inducing Q-tip. Katrina’s mantra for life is “Be nice. Do good. Embrace embarrassment.” Clearly she’s got #3 down.


Steve is from RVA. He played D1 football at a little military college in VA back in the 80s. Still keeps active... yet in maintenance mode! Most of his last 25 years has been spent in leadership roles with emerging companies... loves the fast paced excitement! His free time is spent with his wife and teenage boys, hiking Blue Ridge mountain ranges, enjoying the Mid-Atlantic beaches and finding the essence from within. 


Otis was trained as a neuropsychologist and has spent the last 20 years using his background in psychology working primarily with multi-national education companies. For ten years, he was the SVP for Government Relations for MetaMetrics, Inc., a psychometric R&D company in Research Triangle, North Carolina. He has been a consultant since 2010. In addition to Turnkey, his current clients include Pearson Education and CogniSens, Inc., a "human potentials" firm affiliated with the University of Montreal. He has degrees in social psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia, where he also played on its first ACC Champion basketball team. He had a brief gig as an actor, but fortunately did not give up his day job. 


Stacey is focused on making a difference.  She has spent most of her professional career in the non profit space.  She oversaw the Cookie Program for Richmond’s local Girl Scout Council and has proudly ruined more diets than we dare to mention.  She brings knowledge and humor into the daily operations of Turnkey.  She has 5 children and 2 grandchildren that keep her very busy in her personal life.  


George is a jack of all trades but master of none. He attended LaGrange College for Theatre and Creative Writing. After college, George pursued a job in the world of computers where he has spent 13 years designing websites and learning other IT skills. For Turnkey, he works on pretty much everything IT related. Outside of Turnkey, he writes stories and plays bass in a popular Richmond cover band. George is also an avid collector of POP! Vinyl figures.

Kate Bullard

You know those great people in history, you look back and wonder if they were always meant to be successful. Like Simba, Catherine the Great, and Rocky. That is Kate Bullard. Always of the competitive spirit, Kate grew up playing travel sports in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Coming from a military family, Kate's parents taught a wonderfully nuanced blend of hard work, detail-oriented conversation, and fierce loyalty to one's cause. This upbringing, and Kate's never-ending drive of excellence has led to her being Turnkey's first specialized Project Manager. As a project manager, she is able to pursue her passion in root cause analytics, process development and workflow troubleshooting, all while building customer relationships and ensuring the customer receives what is promised.  

Her passions outside of work include CrossFit, dog petting, and hanging out with family and friends.


Ruth’s dynamic background in education, management, and customer service has made her an asset to the Turnkey Production Team. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Sociology and Education from VCU, Ruth pursued a career in the healthcare industry where she gained over ten years of knowledge and experience. However, Ruth’s desire to work for a company that is excelling because of the impactful work they do for non-profit organizations is what led her to Turnkey.When Ruth isn’t taking over the world one account at a time, she loves watching college basketball, attending concerts, and traveling with her three children. (Let’s just say if Turnkey ever decided to open an office in the Caribbean, Ruth would be the first to happily relocate).


Vickie has been working in the nonprofit sector most of her career in senior leadership roles with both large and small nonprofits. Her career passion is around peer to peer fundraising, and found her early career “joy” with Relay For Life when it was an unknown entity. 

She enjoys building and enhancing programs and has had the opportunity to implement many changes within the organizations she has worked with. 

Her personal passion encompassing her free time are her four grandbabies, travel both domestic and international, photography (primarily wildlife) and walking or hiking.


Ryan is a VT physics graduate with special interests in astrophysics and soft matter physics. His undergraduate research was replicating the self-assembly of biopolymers through Molecular Dynamics simulations. When he is not working, Ryan loves to be out hiking out in Appalachia, relaxing on the beach, or playing glorious video games on his custom desktop.


Just as Disney has Tinkerbell, Turnkey has Allison, the certificate fairy.  She has an extensive background in client care, hospitality, and office and data management.  At Turnkey, Allison uses a bit more than faith, trust, and pixie dust to turn our non-profits client’s data into gifts of thanks for their hard-working fundraisers.  She was born in central Florida, along with her love of all things Disney and aquatic.  Away from Turnkey, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, swimming as often as possible, reading, music, sewing, cooking and preserving food, and championing the Oxford comma.

John Broyer

Johnathan began his professional journey as a Soldier in the US Army.  However, later in life he realized he had a natural ability to troubleshoot computer hardware and software.This led to him working for companies such as Hewlett Packard and then Apple before joining the team at Turnkey.

An "out of the box" problem-solving approach coupled with his curiosity to truly understand the root cause behind issues has helped him gain success throughout his career. Johnathan continues to use the skills he has developed from his experiences with each interaction and job he works on to continue his path toward success with Turnkey.


Who would have thought when Nancy answered an ad for a couple days of packing in the warehouse for extra income 7 years ago, that she would grow into being the Logistics Director and for fun, Invoicing. True story. 

She studied Business Math and Accounting in a previous life. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading and being a guinea pig for her husband’s latest recipe that he just has to cook.


As a Scorpio, Tracey devoted the first part of her life to traveling throughout the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia in the pursuit of academic excellence. Her degree in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, provided the foundation for her zeal in the sociological approach to the study of organizations and markets. She has spent her career leading customer-centric business environments to greatness, using an artful blend of her interpersonal skills, strategic leadership, and focus on organizational behavior. Her passion for non-profits (and alliteration), has propelled her to preside on the Board of Directors for two philanthropic organizations in Greater Richmond. In her constant pursuit of nourishment to feed her competitive spirit, she has become an avid tennis player, skier, and runner, oh my! As a Libra now, she immerses herself in the lives that move her – her amazing husband, three girls, two boys, and four dogs. 


Alex started with Turnkey as an intern while she was pursuing a BA in Economics and Accounting at Randolph-Macon College. She has now returned to Turnkey after having spent most of her young adult life living in London, England. While abroad, Alex obtained her MBA in Marketing and Market research. After happily returning to her home in RVA, Alex spent time teaching middle school math, but always knew her passion was at the intersection of non-profits and marketing. Outside of work, she enjoys going to the movies, road tripping along the east coast, and training to become a better distance runner