Fundraise & GOTV

Peer to peer, or people to people, fundraising efforts both raise money and gets out the vote. We mine your current donor list for those willing to ask their peer networks for donations. Turns out, both donations and votes happen through this method. It’s like marketing and fundraising all tied up together. The outcome is a mobilized network and many, many donations.

Peer influence – it’s the new fuel of social movement.


Political Fundraising

-The most powerful and effective person to ask for a donation is a friend.

-Peer to peer fundraising techniques mobilize friends to recruit their peer networks to help a candidate, issue, cause, or political party.

That candidate could be yours!


Why Peer to peer Fundraising?

-Source of new donors and data

-Mobilizes issue-connected volunteers

-Establishes precursor behavior to voting

-Fastest growing way to raise money in the political arena


Who is Turnkey?

-Strategic guidance for many of the nation’s top nonprofit peer to peer fundraising organizations including March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and many, many more

-29 years experience in peer to peer fundraising with national organizations