Political Fundraising
Gets Personal

As each campaign cycle goes by, established methods of fundraising become more and more difficult. Acquiring new and unique donors is slow and costly. Contributions generated through donor mail are rapidly declining. Connect rates are dropping for candidate and staff call time. Campaigns that are fortunate to have significant national coverage may see increases in their digital fundraising, but that’s not something your team can rely on for revenue.

Turnkey has a solution to these challenges grounded in practical wisdom and backed up by hard science. The solution? Peer-to-peer fundraising. Building a peer-to-peer program for your campaign will create a powerful network of real people motivated not only by their belief in your candidate or your issue, but by their belief in each other. The outcome is a mobilized network that can be utilized not only for many, many more donations, but for votes and volunteers as well.

Turnkey P2P’s expertise, in specific, will help with:
• Analysis of pitch and campaign design with social psychology lens
• Donor engagement and retention
• Digital strategy
• Integration of new method into existing business processes
• Ongoing coaching
• Development of materials
• Defining and maximizing use of internal existing resources

Peer-to-Peer fundraising programs are already vital parts of some of the biggest non-profit organizations in the country. Turnkey Political is ready to put this proven approach to work for your campaign.


Dave Mills, Vice President Turnkey Political

Dave Mills is a fourteen-year veteran of professional politics, and is passionate about helping progressive candidates achieve their goals. He has served as a campaign manager, finance director, state party executive director, and most recently as Southern Political Director for the DNC, before becoming a consultant in 2014. Dave has provided staff support to political figures including US Senator Tim Kaine, Leader Stacy Abrams, and President Obama.



Political Fundraising

-The most powerful and effective person to ask for a donation is a friend.

-Peer to peer fundraising techniques mobilize friends to recruit their peer networks to help a candidate, issue, cause, or political party.

That candidate could be yours!


Why Peer to peer Fundraising?

-Source of new donors and data

-Mobilizes issue-connected volunteers

-Establishes precursor behavior to voting

-Fastest growing way to raise money in the political arena


Who is Turnkey?

-Strategic guidance for many of the nation’s top nonprofit peer to peer fundraising organizations including March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and many, many more

-29 years experience in peer to peer fundraising with national organizations