There’s a science to nonprofit fundraising. And we are fundraising scientists.

Turnkey’s recognition program, based on 27 years of experience and research, uses nonprofit-branded recognition items and a robust communications campaign to recognize fundraiser accomplishments and motivate them to higher fundraising levels.


Individual Recognition Program

We optimize the primary method of communication to volunteers: Email, using our marketing automation platform Aptidu™. Our Individual Recognition Program is a unique email communications strategy rooted in behavioral science, driving email recipients – your volunteers – to open the message and act, not toss it aside. In fact, our clients have seen the openers of Turnkey-design emails raise $186 more than messages that haven’t been built by our experts. Our personalized, pre-event communications introduce your reward program to the fundraiser, and ongoing, action-specific messages during the campaign are designed to encourage and coach individual participants toward higher fundraising levels


The Individual Recognition Program leads to:


High email-open rates

High click-thru rates


Low email opt-outs


Volunteer action

Early Registration Program

Volunteers who register early receive more communications and raise substantially more than those who are late to the game. Turnkey’s Early Registration Program pushes participants to register and immediately start raising, setting goals along the way. When certain goals are achieved, the fundraiser is rewarded with a branded item that can be worn at your event and serves as a trophy for success.


Early registrants and fundraisers:


Raise substantially more than late registrants


Are less likely to be zero-dollar participants


Team Captain Program

Team captains are the most valuable group participant, raising approximately five times more than others. Turnkey’s Team Captain Program pushes team captains to register and sets team fundraising goals in the weeks and months leading up to an event. Our email messages recognize the team captain at each step of the way and encourage them to continue to push for the team’s goals, rewarding them with branded items.

Team captains under Turnkey’s programs:


Raise substantially more as a team


Are less likely to be zero-dollar teams


Yes, there’s a science to fundraising.

We get it: Science can be confusing, the concepts even off-putting. But after years selling branded promotional items to be used as gifts, we came to a realization that if you truly want to increase volunteer participation, incentives don’t work. So we engaged experts in human psychology and behavioral science, and developed a unique P2P fundraising model that uses recognition – honoring people for their support, for meeting fundraising goals, and for aligning to the nonprofit’s mission – to motivate volunteers to action. Recognition makes people feel good, and when people feel good, they do good work.

The result has been measurable ROI for our nonprofit clients, producing greater affinity to the organization and consequently ever greater fundraising results. See our Benchmark Report for the hard data.

Give science a shot. Reach out to a Turnkey pro today.