Successful Events Start With Quality Data

Our fundraising and recognition programs are embedded with powerful analytical tools, offering you a dashboard of your event’s current and past performance using Tableau Online. Once your event has wrapped, you will receive reliable, actionable big data that can be put to work to improve future programs and strengthen your organization.

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Standard Fundraising Metrics

Get answers to your basic questions:

  • Total, average, median fundraising

  • Redeemers vs. non-redeemers

  • Email open and conversion rates

  • Engagement and interaction levels

  • Cost-to-income ratio

  • Year-over-year performance

Advanced fundraising metrics

Explore your performance and constituent behaviors further:

  • Comparisons to industry benchmarks

  • Core behavior analysis beyond fundraising, opens, and redemptions

  • Distance travelled to event

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Engagement Score

Based on core behaviors, assess the level of engagement amongst your constituents. Get a clear, concise overview of how successful your event is based on how your constituents interacts with your communications and how involved they are with your event. Higher engagement scores lead to increased revenue.

Explore how you can improve your data quality, look beyond the numbers, and better understand your constituents.