Partner Network

Turnkey partners with only best in class companies who provide valuable, cutting edge products and services to the nonprofit industry. Considering the importance of aligning with only the best, we have completed the due diligence in order to provide nonprofits with a high degree of confidence in each partner company... for which we stake our reputation.



At GoodUnited, we help nonprofits increase Facebook fundraiser donations, emails and retention without lifting a finger.

Our Mission: Give nonprofits the power to make every fundraiser and donor feel appreciated. Our Promise: We have a heart to serve. A call to lead. And the courage to engage the toughest challenges. Our Vibe: At GoodUnited, we err to be great. We dream big ideas, and then do it – together -- every damn day reinventing what’s possible.

boodle AI

boodle AI is your AI assistant for nonprofit donor acquisition and fundraising. boodle teams artificial intelligence with nonprofit supporters to find new donors who look like the nonprofit's best donors.

With boodleAI, nonprofits and supporters have acquired a new $500 donor on the first day, acquired 10 new donors in the first week, acquired $10,000 in new donations in the first month, improved email open rates to as high as 80 percent, improved email clickthrough rates 30x, achieved email donation rates 100x the average, and doubled peer-to-peer fundraiser totals in one week.