P2P Data Point War – Participant vs. Fundraiser Average

At Turnkey, we place a premium on analyzing every campaign to provide our clients with the best estimate possible of their return on investment. While reviewing the reports, occasionally someone asks why we report average fundraising of all peer-to-peer participants rather than reporting only the average of peer-to-peer fundraisers (we define a participant as anyone that attends an event hosted by a Non-Profit, and a fundraiser as any participant that raises >$0).

Personalization Is More Than a First Name in the Salutation

In a recent blog titled, Why I Care About Your Cause, But Don’t Donate, we wrote about the importance of focusing on the donor, fundraiser, or constituent in order to persuade them to support your nonprofit. If numbers are any indication of relevance, this was one of the most-read blogs that we have ever written. This strategy struck a chord.