Are zero-dollar fundraisers keeping your event totals down?

According to Donor Drive, here's an alarming stat:

80% of the participants who sign up for many events never raise a penny.

Some organizations try to overcome this by charging registration fees, but that still doesn’t fix the problem of motivating those  fundraisers. Their article Helping Your Participants Overcome Fundraising Inertia gives the five most popular reasons why people don’t fundraise and gives you the targeted reasoning to convince them otherwise. Did you know:

Half of participants who don’t fundraise say that they were never asked.

It may be obvious to you that your event is a fundraiser, but are you making it obvious to them? This article also has six great tips for motivating under-performing fundraisers. For example, a very simple one:

Encouraging self-donation helps them get over their fear of asking others.

This article gives you a plan for turning your least active participants into fundraisers you can depend on year after year.

Read their article for some great insights!