Review: Donor Drive's State of Peer to Peer Fundraising 2016

Donor Drive’s “The State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 2016” can help you meet your fundraising goals. If you haven’t already, grab a beer/hot tea/coffee and take a few minutes. My key takeaways are:

Data is king. Organizations are increasingly hungry for data on their program’s performance, and are using that data to determine best timing of events and when to send messaging, among other things. We’re also huge fans of what data tells us. It’s important to make sure the right messages get to the right fundraisers at the right time to improve their alignment with the organization and fundraising totals.

Do It Yourself events are growing in fundraising effectiveness. If you haven’t made it easy for your fundraisers to create DIY events, you should seriously reconsider. Here’s why:

  • There was a 54% growth in DIY campaigns on Donor Drive from 2014.
  • The average DIY campaigner in Donor Drive raised 513% more than the average event participant, wow!

Fundraisers are enjoying creating their own fundraising events and get passionate about them. Donor Drive also found that the same fundraisers were often involved in traditional fundraising as well, so it’s not stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Charitable giving is moving from Legacy Giving (trusts) to donors giving more now, so they can see the impact in their lifetime. This is great news for peer-to-peer fundraising, as fundraisers’ peers are more inclined to donate now, and donating to a friend who is passionate about a cause is powerful motivation.

Donor Drive calls their most passionate fundraisers Superstars, and identifying and nurturing them is vital. Superstars are bought in to your mission, they are self-initiating events, team recruitments, driving huge revenue, and returning in large numbers (84% according to Donor Drive data).

What sets Superstars apart?

  1. They tell their story, the “why” behind their passion. This helps their peers know the value of their donation.
  2. They join teams, often as Team Captains, using their passion to inspire others.
  3. They actively reach out to their peer network, communicating via several channels with their family, friends and peers. Their passion has gotten them past the reluctance to ask for money. Blackbaud’s peer-to-peer report also shows that those that actively reach out to their peers raise considerably more than those that don’t.

Mobile Giving is continuing to grow, empowering your fundraisers to reach out to their networks via mobile and social channels is key to continued growth. And giving them messaging to make it easy to spread their message is a piece of this, not everyone is a born copywriter!

It’s a meaty report and definitely one that can help you improve your fundraisers’ performance.

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