2016 Turnkey Peer to Peer Recognition Benchmark Report

The findings offered in this Turnkey Peer to Peer Recognition Benchmark Report and webinar reflect in-depth research of 93 programs from a selection of 33 Turnkey clients in the United States from January 1, 2012 to November 1, 2015 covering over a million volunteer fundraisers. These organizations’ events included walks, runs, marathons, rides, DIY, and unique events. Collectively, they bring in more than $400 million per year.

Statistics and analysis covered include:

  • Type of event drives different levels of engagement - the specifics of those differences and the reason behind each

  • Performance differences between those seeking recognition vs those not

  • Year over year effects of recognition on individual fundraising

Download the report!



Watch the Recognition Benchmark Report webinar to hear Katrina and Otis discuss the findings and insights to help you with your events.


Let us know your thoughts on the findings of the recognition benchmark report. Do your events measure up? Can you see different ways to approach recognition to strengthen your relationship with your fundraisers?