Trump Buyer’s Remorse? Not Likely…

We were having lunch with friends recently, and the conversation got around to politics. “How,” one person wondered, “could my friends and family members who voted for Trump still be so solid in their support? Through the porn star payoffs, incivility, and daily displays of ignorance that characterizes the dumpster fire that is this administration? How is that possible?”

Millennials – Don’t Bother Leaving a Message if Nobody’s Ever Home

My generation talks about millennials like they are a different species. We think they are different at the DNA level. We study them and develop intricate ways to deal with them, with systems and processes and ropes and pulleys and whispers and shouting and…none of it works very well. And we need to figure out why – and soon.

A Guilty White Man Speaks Out

One of the great pleasures in working with nonprofit clients is getting up every day and knowing that you are helping them do good on behalf of their constituencies. They advocate on behalf of people living with autism, cancers, ALS, and cystic fibrosis. Some support people dealing with the hardships surrounding immigration, homelessness, depression, or drug addiction.

Incentive vs. Recognition…there really IS a difference

I sit in on plenty of calls and speak to lots of nonprofits about rewards, incentives, gifts, prizes, and recognition.  (For the record, the word ‘prize’ makes me wince.)  On a recent call with Kris Eschman and Wayne Baldaro from NAMI, they relayed that overcoming the incentive mentality with their affiliates regarding recognition programs is challenging.  However, they explained, once there is a breakthrough with the chapters and the leadership truly gets it, the fundraising skyrockets.

P2P Data Point War – Participant vs. Fundraiser Average

At Turnkey, we place a premium on analyzing every campaign to provide our clients with the best estimate possible of their return on investment. While reviewing the reports, occasionally someone asks why we report average fundraising of all peer-to-peer participants rather than reporting only the average of peer-to-peer fundraisers (we define a participant as anyone that attends an event hosted by a Non-Profit, and a fundraiser as any participant that raises >$0).